Vinyl Shelves.

April 22, 2020

I mentioned in my last post that there's some little diy tasks that I want to get done while we're being kept indoors. Usually when changing something up at home, it involves calling in the help from my dad. He has all the tools and seeing as we have a pretty old house, the walls can be a nightmare when it comes to drilling them. Obviously, anything major is gonna have to wait for now.

Last thing we did though, was put up these old Ikea picture shelves on the chimney breast in my bedroom. I had these shelves knocking about since I was living at my parents and I haven't known what to do with them. I used to have them above my dressing table with prints and stuff on them. In true form, it was a pain in the arse to put them up. The plaster was crumbling when trying to put the wall plug in and it involved an emergency trip to tool station.

In the last year, I've got more into vinyl. I got my record player for Christmas (2016? maybe) and it had sat on a shelf in the living room, not reeeeally being used. I moved it into my bedroom and it gets the love it deserves in there so I bought this Ikea unit for it to sit on in the fire alcove thing. I think it's a bedside table but saw it set up for vinyl in store and it was the perfect solution. I'm pretty sure they had the player on the top and records stacked on the bottom shelf, so I shuffled the order around to make it fit the space I have better.

It made sense to use the shelves to display a couple vinyls. I debated painting the shelves a different colour or spraying them gold or something but I couldn't decide what and now I'm glad that I didn't. I think it blends more with the wall and anything other than the white might of been a bit much. I plan to put a hanging plant on the right hand side and maybe an art print on the left at the bottom, we'll see.

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