April Playlist.

May 01, 2020

When my boyfriend told me that he made a playlist for every month with songs that he was just enjoying that month or he had found, basically I did that annoying gf thing of being like "THAT'S COOL" and copying him. I've done it since November 2019 (the playlist thing, not copy him) and it is a super good way of remembering what you were listening to, what you doing and where your head was at. So I guess I can't take credit for the idea. I have seen a few people doing it since he mentioned it though.

I thought I'd share them on here each month and it gives you a little insight into what I like. I do listen to music a lot and it is something that I cherish in my life (is that the right word.... I dunno but you get what I mean). Basically, it's just a pretty big part of me.

Obviously this past month has been a bit of a shit show for everyone so there is quite the mix on there this month. I did a lot of dancing in the kitchen to these and ngl, thought there was more on it. I think in these posts in the future, I'll probably use it as more of a mind dump for the month as well. Honestly though, because there just hasn't been loads going (other than the obvious) I don't reeeally have a lot to say on the last 30 days. Anyway, enjoy!

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