May Playlist.

May 31, 2020

This month has been a pretty happy one but you wouldn't think it by looking at my playlist. The weather has been pretty amazing, we are starting to be able to see people again (from a distance, obv), it just feels like things are starting to look up. For some reason though, my playlist seems to be a pretty mellow one, with some exceptions.

In May, it's my best friends birthday and the day after it's my boyfriends birthday. My bank balance just loves that, it's kind of them haha. It felt strange to buy a lot of birthday presents online. I know that probably isn't any different for some people but working in a department store, I usually browse and buy things in stores more than online normally. I had deliveries left right and centre. I saw my friend couple of days before her birthday and it was nice to just talk as normal. On my bfs birthday, we met and walked his dog around Hardwick park (which if you're local is really pretty) and had bit of a picnic. After not seeing him for 9 weeks, it was super nice but strange. Felt like a first date all over again.

It's scary that we're almost in June. When this all started, genuinely thought, it'd be over by summer. Fat chance of that happening any time soon, who knows when it'll be now. Also though, June is birthday month so yay for that. Silver linings.

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