A Foray Into Film.

June 24, 2020


I did photography at college many moons ago and while I was there, I wanted to get into film photography. Not knowing what you were going to get back just seemed exciting. They found me a functional film camera with one or two things wrong with it but it was working. Anyway, never got round to using it and they never asked me for it back so I still have it.

I decided during lock down to put some film in it and start using it. I had some lomography ISO400 film around and gave it ago. Mainly shot around the house and on a walk. I wasn't too sparing with them because I didn't even know if the camera worked. 

I sent them to Exposure Film Lab to get the film developed. You order it online, post your film off and they email you the scans of your photos. I have never been to excited to get an email. I am SO happy with how they came out. Relieved that the camera worked mainly otherwise I would of spent £12 getting blank film developed. 

I shot another roll and I'm waiting for the email and it can't come quick enough!

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