Lock Down Lessons I Want To Continue.

June 12, 2020

During lock down there has been a couple of things that I've done differently that I don't want to go back to "normal". 

I can count the times I've wore make up on one hand and even when I have, I've done full skincare to remove it and washed my make up brushes the next day. I know that will relax when back at work and stuff but I want to be better than I was with my skin. It has thanked me for it.

When you're at work and generally are just busier, all the creative outlets seem like the least important things to make time for. Having this extra time means I've indulged in them a little more. I've painted more, I decided to get my old film camera out and shot a roll of film which I'm waiting to be developed. It just feels good to be more creative, makes me happy.

This whole thing has made me realise whats important. Most people would agree that it's people we miss, not shops or places really. Obviously at the minute, we can only see people outdoors from 2 meters but just doing that improves my overall mood tenfold. Going for walks with people because it's all we can do makes me want to spend more time outside in general and less time in shops pointlessly spending money. There is a lot to be said for some fresh air.

I'm enjoying this generally slower pace of life. Taking each day as it comes and not always having to have a plan. Don't get me wrong there are still things that I want to plan for, like a couple days away would be nice but I don't have a to do list for everyday now. I want to continue this slower pace from now on. 

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