July 19, 2020

Bit of a throwback post because I haven't been over to Blanchland in a longgg time but I was sorting through photos and I wanted to share them. It's a sleepy little village and I mean little. It's tiny. It's not too far from Derwent Reservoir and well worth a wander around. It's the kinda of place where it always feels like a Sunday.  There's a hotel/pub called the lord crewe arms which I've heard is very nice but I've never been myself and a lovely little tea room as well. It's the perfect Autumn day out.

Although pubs and restaurants are open again, I'm yet to sit in one and I'm of the opinion of if you don't need to go out then don't so I'll be waiting a while until I visit it again. But when I feel ready to, I can't wait for a Sunday jaunt.

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