Pin Flag.

July 10, 2020

I love a good pin. They're such a fun way to change up a jacket or bag and customise them a bit without a load of effort, time and money. I didn't have a specific way to store them though... until now. 

I was scrolling through etsy one day looking for pins and I saw these super cool flags to display all your pins on. Means you can appreciate them when you're not even wearing them. They ranged anywhere from £10 to £30, but they looked pretty easy to make. 

I found the stick while out walking the dog and it was the ideal size for a flag. The ones on etsy all used very straight and obviously purpose bought wood for the flag. Personally I prefer the natural look and shape of a stick though. I just chopped the ends off and any little bits sticking out, gave it a good sanding and done. You could use an old broom handle, you could varnish the wood or paint it. Possibilities could be endless. 

Most of the etsy ones were this natural calico fabric. It pairs nice with the wood and because its so plain, it means all the focus is on the pins themselves. I got this fabric from Boyes. It was £3.90 per meter and half a meter is more than enough so it cost just less then £2. I just drew out the shape I wanted, added 2.5cm around it for a hem and sewed it up. Made a loop for the stick go through and tied string to it to hang it on my wall. 

Its simple, easy to do and I made it. Which always feels nicer than buying something. I even got to save myself some money too.

Now to spend that money on more pins.....

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