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October 04, 2020

I'm finding it hard to believe we are into October. I think because the last couple months have been tough ones, it kind of feels like time has stood still for a while and I've blinked and here we are. 

I feel like it's been a count down to nothing. I said in the last post about being made redundant, it was like we were told we were all at risk, then 2 weeks later we'd find out who was going, then work at 4 week notice. I feel like I've been counting the weeks down without realising 6 weeks have past. I don't know if that makes any sense but whatever.

One good thing that happened in August, was that the boyfriend and I went away to Manchester for a couple of nights. We were a little worried before we went with Manchester being on local lockdown but the hotel was still open, I had a tattoo appointment booked and the artist was still working so we went. 

Jon drove us down so it meant that we didn't have to get trains or anything. The whole trip we just took it easy. Set off in no rush, stopped on the way, gave ourselves plenty of time to get there. The first afternoon we were there, we just had a wander around where we staying. I think it was the Northern Quarter we stayed in. I hadn't been to Manchester in about 15 years so had no idea what areas were best. We stayed in the Abode hotel and there was a lot of independent and vintage shops around which was so much nicer instead of the usual chains. 

Second day, we went out for a good breakfast and I went off for my tattoo appointment. I originally had it booked in for April at the Big North Tattoo Convention with Eve Mansell (Bad Manazzz on instagram) but obviously the world went to shit and everything was cancelled. I didn't want to wait untill next April to get it done so hence the trip. Had my appointment, it went great and then we just chilled for the night. Last day, we had a little wander around, slow morning and then started our journey home. I think the change of scenery is exactly what we needed. Out of the last two months, that was the highlight. 

Other than that trip, there hasn't been a great deal else to mention to be honest. Obviously everything I said in the last post, being made redundant and getting a new job and everything has taken up a lot of my head space. Like in my last playlist post, there isn't much in the last two months playlists. I feel that they defeinitely reflect my mood though. Mostly melancholy with the odd, slightly more uplifting tune. Oh and also Dio, because we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester and that was on.  

This time of year, I tend to get a little bit more into music and finding songs. I think it's the dark nights and the cold weather so I have higher hopes for Octobers playlist. 


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