Street Candy.

October 28, 2020

For my birthday this year, one of the things Jon got me was a little box with a selection of films in it. Such a good gift for anyone wanting to explore film and see what they do and don't like. In it, there was 2 rolls of black and white film. A Street Candy 400 and an Ilford 200 so I tried out the Street Candy first. 

I don't know how I feel about black and white. I felt so restricted about what I could take photos of. Stopping to think "will this work without colour" before every shot. I guess it did make me think more but I don't think I like to be that limited. There was a few times I was out and was like "OH I wish I had colour in right now, that would of been a good image" and I feel like it took me foreverrrrr to finish the roll whereas I can shoot a roll of colour in one go. 

Because it wasn't all shot on one day or in one place, it just feels like a random mismatch of subjects as well. There's nothing connecting them. I'm going to give it another go with the roll of Ilford and I'll see if I can finish the full roll in one go.

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