Blanchland and the Reservoir.

January 22, 2021

These were taken a while ago now, at the beginning of October. I said in my October playlist post that me and Jon had an afternoon taking photos in Blanchland and these are just a couple of the photos from that day. I used the last picture in this post in the October playlist post but I love it so I included it again, soz.

In that roll, there are a lot of photos of mushrooms. I don't even like mushrooms but they're just so cute to look at. Especially these red ones in woods. We also had a wander around a graveyard (how emo) and my camera kind of stopped working, like reel wouldn't fully wind and I'd have to take another photo to move it on, even though the view finder was black so that was a bit weird. It hasn't done that since though, touch wood. There's a couple out of focus, wonky shots in the roll because of that.

I need to get some more film. I currently have my last roll in my camera, it's black and white and I've said how I feel about that.

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