Welcome, 2021.

January 10, 2021

What a start to a new year it's been. Here in Newcastle, we went into tier 4 on New Year's Eve and then lockdown started on the 5th of January. Last lockdown, although the beginning was tough, I feel like I handled it pretty well. I found creative outlets. I painted, I wrote, I photographed, I baked. The weather was generally better with it being spring and summer. It was easier to be hopeful. We were told that by Christmas, it will of all blown over. 

Well here we are on the other side, Christmas was affected. Massively for some and there just seems no end in sight. Like life is never going to return to how it was and that there will always be a constant strain of restrictions and rules and disruption. I have found it a lot harder this time around and we're only 5 days in. I don't know if it's to do with the fact that I am still at work and it's business as usual or if it's just my mental state in general. I was so ready for a fresh start and a chance to wipe last year away and have a do over but yet again, that feels snatched away. Everybody is in the same boat, I know but that doesn't make me feel any less angry about it or any less upset.

I am trying. Trying to keep positive, trying to keep myself creatively occupied, trying not to be a downer but some days, all I can do is the minimum and that's fine. The sun will shine again. Maybe not soon, but it will.

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